One Platform for Every Device

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Broad Compatibility

We support the broadest range of operating systems, platforms and devices including Apple iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Android, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Fire TV, LG, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Chromecast and more.

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Fully Managed and Supported

Our end-to-end managed platform delivers a high quality customer experience which translates to higher customer satisfaction and lower churn.

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All the Tools You Need

StreamVid allows you to target, reach and engage with your audience anywhere and everywhere they go – seamlessly.

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A Partnership Focused on Your Business

Simply put – a premium service that works smoothly and pleases your most discerning customers.

Your Personalized Experience Partner

StreamVid helps you to develop a closer relationship with your customers.

Due to StreamVid’s central role in building and delivering your OTT business, we help you to get closer to your customers and better understand their wants and needs – sometimes before they even know them.

Over time, you’ll get to understand their programming preferences, viewing habits, advertising hot buttons and overall behavioral data. It’s easy to target your users with a more personalized experience, offer them specialized marketing promotions and reward them for their loyalty.

The results? Greater client satisfaction, increased revenue and lower churn.

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