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StreamVid manages the entire customer lifecycle experience for you, from registration to access rights including their order history – even when there are multiple account profiles.

We ensure that your users’ data is safe and protected and its handling is fully compliant with their preferences and applicable regulations.

And we provide you with the data and analytics detailing what’s happening on the platform and who is watching. StreamVid will automatically analyze data from various sources and deliver predictive insights to user behavior, which in turn, allows our customers to increase user retention and prevent churn.

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Streaming on
Premium UX

The StreamVid service has an easy-to-use and agile user interface to enable exceptional live, video on demand and time-shifted TV experiences.

You can use our tool sets to change your customers’ user experience (UX) on the fly without the need for store recertification in the app stores. They can be made by device, user group, service level and more – creative marketers can even change the look and feel to help commemorate celebrations, special events (such as national holidays, Olympic events or even a customer appreciation month).

Or support content discovery by allowing different users to see select promotions based on our built-in recommendation algorithms set up in advance or handled manually.

If becoming a content aggregator is in your business plan, StreamVid provides you with full capabilities. You can ingest both proprietary and third-party content within your branded experience and apply the same search, recommendation and discovery options. In the future, this enables you to offer content beyond video including video games, e-commerce shops and more.

Bottom line? StreamVid designs and customizes its entire interface to implement your image across all customer touchpoints – from the app they download to your website look and feel and even the branded experience in which you promote your content.

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StreamVid takes the hassle out of bringing in and managing your content from different providers.

Rich metadata and flexible metadata models enable content discovery. StreamVid ingestion technology takes care of normalizing and enriching all types of metadata – from all sources – and prepares it for publication and recommendation to your users. Our workflow automation allows you to configure multiple workflows just once and leave the system to do the heavy lifting going forward.

  • Multiple in, multiple out in every format? Check.
  • Obtain, prepare, normalize and even enrich the content metadata? Check.
  • Ensure the content is fully protected with the appropriate DRM? Check.
  • Prepare the content so it can be managed and published through your streaming service including VOD and live? Check.
  • Cost efficient and scalable? Check.

Bottom line? StreamVid’s automated workflows help you prepare your content for publication and discovery effortlessly.

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StreamVid is laser-focused on helping you to monetize your content. It’s one of our main business objectives.

We help you to maximize the ROI of your content and user acquisition cost:

  • Support of all monetization models – subscription, transactional and more
  • Flexibility in choosing a mix of the models
  • Increase revenue drivers through using data to improve targeting

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